Cruise Terminal

The Cruise Terminal has a central location in the port city of Rotterdam. The former arrival- and departure hall is known for her characteristic shell roofs. The building is the first in the Netherlands where such construction method was applied. Besides the above the large windows offer passengers a wonderful view of the city of Rotterdam.


Between 1946 and 1949 Five brand new warehouses were built on the North side of the Wilhelminapier, all named after port cities (Philadelphia, Norfolk, Baltimore, New York en Rotterdam). This pier has a lot of history, where many Europeans started the Atlantic crossing to start their new lifes.

Four out of five warehouses have been demolished over the years. The fifth, named Rotterdam, is the building where cruise vessels are moored regularly and passengers are welcomed since 2000. In 2011 the Cruise Terminal received the status of National monument.


The Cruise industry is one that is spearheading when it comes to sustainability and environment. The Cruise Terminal in Rotterdam has a focus on sustainability and efficiency aswell. The building has a district heating connection, where residual heat from other parts of the city is used for temperature purposes. Water from the river ‘The Maas’ is used for the cooling systems and to regulate the temperature of the air circulation.

In 2014/2025 the Cruise Terminal was fully renovated. Windows there replaced in an authentic way, however now with double glazed windows. The roof was fully isolated to make the building more energy efficient.


For the handling of cruise ships, the Cruise Terminal offers the following facilities:
Passengers- and crewlounge (ca. 3000m²)
Free wifi
Tourist Information
Parking for passengers (and familie) in three different garages
Public Transportation 1 minute walk away
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