shore power

Within the shipping industry shore power is taking a giant leap. For the cruise industry this is a development that is taken very seriously. Every new ship on order will be shore power ready and the percentages of cruise ships that are sailing and already have shore power installed onboard are rising rapidly.


As of 1. January 20230 European legislation will be in place to make connection to shore power mandatory in European ports. North-Western Europe is spearheading to be shore power ready. The number of installations onboard vessels and in ports in this area are higher than in the rest of the world.

Shore Power in Rotterdam

On 2. June 2023 the start build of the Shore Power installation at the Holland America Quay was celebrated. By assigning the Danish company PowerCon, Cruise Port Shore Power is working together with an experienced developer. PowerCon has already applied their expertise in different large cruise ports worldwide and have built efficient and reliable installations.

Following current planning the shore power installation should be ready for operation by mid-2024. The city of Rotterdam and Port of Rotterdam are working close together with Cruise Port Shore Power to make this deadline happen. In this way ships moored at the Holland America Quay can already connect to shore power by next year and will make this the first installation for cruise vessels in the Netherlands!

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