Culinary pleasure in Rotterdam

In this issue: The Meatclub

From Cruise Port Rotterdam, walk across Erasmus Bridge and then take the first left, going down. Next, go into the street that leads from the parking garage under the bridge. This street is Gedempte Zalmhaven. And lo and behold: at the intersection, right across at the corner, there is:

The Meatclub

A small but exquisite restaurant. ‘Exquisite’ because of the exclusive method by which beef is prepared. Owner Nikki van Bodegom, former employee and manager, has a passion for the business as well as for serving delicious food. The two chefs in the kitchen prepare meat in a charcoal oven. Nikki: “This means a wonderful smell and an excellent taste. The beef is from Don Pedro in Uruguay. The cattle are treated respectfully. They are out in the open throughout the year, they happily graze and eat grain feed. This is reflected in the high meat quality.”

Are there any other dishes but meat? “Of course, there are. We have prawns and tuna, for instance, and there is fresh bread with various types of filling for lunch. As from April, we are also open for lunch (Sundays closed). People can come here for an informal drink too, even though we are a small restaurant. In April, we open our terrace again.”

The Meatclub is in an area across Cruise Port Rotterdam, with several cafés and restaurants, including some that are special for their quality and service, such as The Meatclub. This area can also be reached by Watertaxi (to Veerhaven). There is more worth doing and visiting nearby. Examples include museums like De Kunsthal, and taking a walk in a beautiful park, which is home to the Euromast (see elsewhere in this Newsletter).

The Meatclub, Scheepstimmermanslaan 37b