Shore power installation Cruise Port Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the municipality of Rotterdam have given the go-ahead for the start of building a shore power installation at Cruise Port Rotterdam quay.

On 2 June, Robert Simons (alderman for the municipality of Rotterdam having the port in his portfolio) and Boudewijn Siemons (COO and currently – 15 July – the CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority) gave the green light for the start of building the shore power installation at the Holland America Quay.

Emissions of carbon dioxide as well as nitrogen and particulates are reduced even more by the use of shore power. It also reduces the sound level of berthed vessels. With the commissioning of shore power, expected by mid- 2024, the Cruise Port Rotterdam is ahead of European regulations. Under which all cruise vessels in European ports are to use shore power in 2030.

PowerCon Danish PowerCon focuses on products that enable the energy transition, especially where wind energy and shore power are concerned. The safety agreement for building the shore power installation was signed on 2 June by Peter Castberg Knudsen, partner of PowerCon, and Mai Elmar, in the capacity of director of Cruise Port Shore Power.

The installation will be completed by mid-2024. Cruise Port Rotterdam expects that by 2025 some 75% of all cruise vessels in Rotterdam will use shore power.