Welcome to the CPR Newsletter Summer 2023

Dear Reader,
Summer is evolving and soon autumn is knocking at our door. Many memories will have been made and more to come on all the beautiful cruise ships, year round in the world. It is great to work in an industry that is creating memories and at the same time is spearheading transition on more fronts than one.

Be it decarbonization, LED, recycling, just in time schedules, LNG and many and more examples already in place with more to come. Rotterdam will be ready for shore power mid-2024 and the historic terminal now has a very low footprint. Well insulated e.g. the historic windows are identical copies however double glassed.

LED installed and the indoor climate control is regulated through river water pumps. LNG can be delivered by barge and Port of Rotterdam wide has started somewhat 70 environmental endeavors whereof at least are 35 are up and running. Just to share that we are not only aware of the necessity and proud of the spearheading cruise industry but are actively taking part in every way we can. Yes, we can!

Being part of making memories as best as we can and being a partner in spearheading. We thank you and are grateful for our collaboration, the faith and trust you have in us. You can be assured of our continued support to our awesome cruise industry.

With warm regards from Rotterdam
Nick and Mai

Nick Hoogeweij, Executive Manager
Mai Elmar, Executive Director