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Unique phenomenon in Rotterdam: taxis on the water

Rotterdam has several ‘phenomena’ that are unique to the city. The water taxi is one of them. This means of transportation is often faster than transport by road, and it is quite an experience too!

There are eight- and twelve-passenger water taxis, which go to over 50 jetties in Rotterdam and its region on demand. This Watertaxi Rotterdam transport network is unique in Europe. Some 700,000 Rotterdam residents and visitors from all over the world use the water taxi.


Passengers can embark at the quay near Hotel New York (next to the Cruise Terminal). If you report there, a vessel will be waiting or is called for you. At other water taxi jetties (clearly recognisable everywhere), just call 010-4030303.

The Watertaxi Rotterdam fleet consists of 24 water taxis, seven of which are powered by clean energy (fuel). The aim is to have all vessels entirely emission-free by 2030.

The water taxis in Rotterdam are manned by skippers from Schippers Centrale Rotterdam, all qualified and certified for navigating the Nieuwe Maas, one of the busiest rivers in the world.

Prices vary from €5 to €12.50 (three zones).
Payment is only possible by bank card or credit card.