Culinary pleasure in Rotterdam

Restaurant Bertmans

Restaurant Bertmans is located in Karel Doormanstraat, a shopping street near Lijnbaan, with a view to the Schouwburgplein and De Doelen (concert hall).

Basically a vegetarian restaurant with an excellent kitchen   

“Because we love to cook to everybody’s taste pallet, we have many options for vegans or people who just want to eat less meat and fish,” the staff at Bertmans shares. There is a broad choice for guests with (certain) food allergies or who feel better by not eating specific products.

Bertman wants to cook nutritious, really delicious and surprising dishes all prepared with pure, seasonal ingredients. The kitchen is inspired  in their cooking by techniques and flavours from around the world, based on a passion for the healthy kitchen.

“Truly surprising, versatile in the flavours they provide and very tasty,” we heard guests say.

Karel Doormanstraat 292, Rotterdam, telephone: +31 (0)10 742 0910