Largest blue hydrogen plant in Europe

Air Products will be building, managing and operating a plant for capturing CO₂ for its existing hydrogen plant in Rotterdam.

The plant is expected to be operational by 2026 and will be the largest blue hydrogen plant in Europe. Hydrogen is called ‘blue’ when CO₂ is captured to be stored during the production of hydrogen. The blue hydrogen will be used for the ExxonMobil refinery in Rotterdam as well as for other customers connected to the hydrogen pipeline network of Air Products. The captured CO₂ is transported by Porthos and stored in gas fields at a depth of 3km below the North Sea bed.

Porthos enables Air Products to reduce CO₂ emissions in the port of Rotterdam by more than half. Air Products is in the process of ensuring that its own activities and those of its customers will be free of carbon emissions by realising plans for making green hydrogen available from imported renewable energy in the port of Rotterdam.

(foto: Dick Sellenraad)