In the Picture: Theemaas shop

Karel Doormanstraat 469 (coffee/tea & all that goes with it)

‘Theemaas finds you the finest tea and coffee at suppliers that work with craftsmanship, just like we do,’ Bartho van Meggelen and his partner Nancy van der Elst say. ‘Our customers can currently choose from an assortment of 200 tea and 30 coffee varieties, ranging from hand-shaped jasmine pearls to first flush Darjeeling and from earthy Indonesian coffee to soft, mild Jamaica Blue Mountain. It is not surprising that we have been a household word in Rotterdam – and far beyond – since 1999.’

Theemaas offers a huge regular assortment of tea and coffee.
‘We ask our customers what they like, and then we find the tea or coffee to match. Several tea varieties from China, such as Pu erh,*) and from Japan, like Matcha, are kept in our climate-controlled cabinets. We also provide accessories for making these special tea varieties.
*) Pu erh: organic tea without any additives.

In addition to coffee and tea, we have a large assortment of honey.
It includes Dutch heather honey from the Veluwe and local flower honey from Papendrecht, as well as coffee blossom honey from Mexico and lemon honey from Italy. Enough for every flavour and tea making process, on your bread or to cook with,’ Bartho and Nancy say. With its large variety of teas and coffees and everything you need from cup to pot, Theemaas is a unique shop. It is located in Karel Doormanstraat, a nice, somewhat chic shopping street in the city centre. For those who like a good walk, it is within walking distance from the cruise terminal (approximately 2.5km ).

Walking to Karel Doormanstraat:
cross Erasmus Bridge, cross the street and walk straight on. Next, enter the shopping street to your left (Schilderstraat). Take the second right (Hartmansstraat). At the intersection, cross the street and walk straight on into Karel Doormanstraat. The second street to your left is Oude Binnenweg. There is a jeweller at the corner, and next to it is Theemaas.

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