Welkom! – Newsletter Zomer 2022!

Dear Reader,
There is just one word and that’s fabulous, fabulous to be back at work for cruise with our team Rotterdam. The whole cruise fleet is almost sailing again. What an achievement of cruise lines both on board and on shore. Seeing happy passengers and crew again in our port and city is a real treat! A midst all this glee we do see we are in a time of transition accompanied with the challenges this entails. Challenges we are facing and will continue to face together. Luckily, the cruise industry - cruise lines, ports and partners together - has already acknowledged sustainability as an objective. Much has been done in this respect and more is coming. Everything from separated waste processing, little to no plastic use, LED Lighting, cooling by water pumps, scrubbers, low sulfur diesel, LNG, Shorepower (2024!) and many more examples. However, we also see a fair amount of not always accurate information circulating alas creating misunderstanding and misconceptions.
We also see it as our task in a joined effort to continue to share facts and to get better in doing so. We can do this because we work in an industry that is already energetically working hereto. Besides that, cruising connects! In other words, it brings together both people and cultures. Because of this it creates connections with a better understanding of countries, continents ánd of living together on our planet with the respect it deserves. It is a privilege to work in this industry and to be allowed to contribute. We are grateful for the collaboration with the many cruise lines calling at our port and lovely city, much appreciated. Together we continue to build! Wishing you a fabulous summer, we remain with warm regards,

Mai Elmar

Executive Director
Cruise Port Rotterdam